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The Human Side of Hunting -- Britt Longoria on MAC Outdoors Podcast

This episode features the remarkable Britt Longoria, a woman unafraid to challenge perceptions and tackle the complexities head-on, from conservation to cultural expressions in hunting.

All American Wingshooting Podcast

Britt Longoria shares all about her new diagnosis and its threat for all hunters. She encourages us all to take charge of our own health. Watch for signs and symptoms because misdiagnosis just leads to worse symptoms.

NRA Hunters' Leadership Forum | Philanthropist Brittany Longoria Wins NRA-Sponsored Diana Award at 50th Annual SCI Convention

Longoria epitomizes grace under fire in standing against animal rights extremists.

Being a female international hunter with Britt Longoria!

Hey what’s up guys we are back and here is a special episode for all you ladies that are wanting to start exploring and traveling the world hunting Britt is one of the most accomplished female hunters in the industry and shares a bunch of knowledge on her experiences around the world! Don’t worry fellas it’s a good one for you as well!

Do Hunting Grip and Grin Photos Do More Harm Than Good?

As a relatively new hunter, I was curious to learn more about the grip and grin debate that I often see surface on social media. In this episode of Into the Backing, I sit down with experienced hunters Britt Longoria, Tyler Freel and Mark Hall to hear their thoughts. We discuss how and why our photos matter, if the hunting industry is unnecessarily inflammatory, and if something as simple as a social media post can shift regulations and legislation.

Hunting is a Human Story, with Britt Longoria

Britt Longoria’s education and career journey took her to Africa, where she had the opportunity to experience an incredible landscape and its animals. At home in Texas, Longoria is still a hunter - and her passion is exploring how the hunting community can tell stories that share with the world the emotion, the adventure, and the “why” of our journey as hunters.

The Power of Social Media

The Power of Social Media Episode 041 The Power of Social Media with Britt Longoria This episode is sponsored by Fisher Peak Brewing Company and supported by iHunter In this episode Mark and Curtis are joined by hunter and PhD candidate Britt...

2021 SCI Diana Award Winner Brittany Longoria Honored at Special Ceremony

It’s hard to say what activities Brittany Longoria’s classmates and friends were into at age 11, but chances are good it was not harvesting their first big-game trophies. Longoria didn't know it back then, but a mother-daughter hunt in Texas that resulted in her taking a Black Hawaiian ram at that young age was only the beginning of a lifetime of worldwide hunting achievements, eventually culminating in being honored with one of the greatest recognitions in hunting and conservation, the Safari Club International Diana Award.

Rugged X ZoomCast - Episode 5: Britt Longoria

Had a great time catching up and chatting with the incredible Britt Longoria, a trailblazer in the constant struggle with the anti-hunting community! After a trophy shot of hers was found and distributed in a viral anti-hunter campaign, she took to the SM platforms to defend not herself personally, but hunters, hunters rights, and sustainable use conservation. You have to meet this lady!

Big Game Hunter/Conservationist Britt Longoria Stranded in Cameroon Due to COVID-19 Pandemic

We hear the surreal tale of how lifelong hunter and conservationist Britt Longoria’s dream Lord Derby’s Eland and lion hunt ended up with her and her husband confined to a tiny hotel room for 2 weeks after they had to cut their safari short. What makes the Lord Derby’s Eland such a special animal to pursue? We also discuss caliber selection and hunting conditions as well. (as you can see, Britt did get her Eland prior to the hunt being cut short. She’ll have to go back someday to pursue the dream of taking a free ranging lion).

Britt Longoria: Honor the Hunt | The Wild Initiative

Britt Longoria joins Sam on The Wild Initiative to discuss what it truly means to be a hunter. In this episode, Britt reminisces about traveling the world hunting with her father, the important legacy he left, the start of her love affair with Africa and growing up with dreams of running an African Safari Company. They also discuss the controversial “leopard photo,” flipping the stereotypical image of a hunter, speaking at an emotional level about our reasons for hunting and learning to understand the non-hunter perspective in order to more effectively communicate.

The Viral Huntress: Britt Longoria

Britt Longoria, who apart from being a renowned huntress for her ethical hunting, she is also an entrepreneur as she has her own clothing brand which specialises in cashmere shawls made with wild game feathers.

Trinity Oaks: Providing Positive Outdoor Experiences to Those in Need

Since 2007, Trinity Oaks has helped tens of thousands of people experience the outdoors, through hunting, fishing, shooting and other activities—people who might not otherwise have had access to these experiences.

NRA-ILA Member Spotlight: Britt Longoria

America’s hunters are increasingly under fire by political extremists. Hunter and philanthropic consultant Britt Longoria has been at the center of an online hate campaign by animal rights extremists who don’t understand where their food comes from, and who show little understanding of what it’s like to actually hunt.

"Finding Your Why?"

Amy Hall sat down with Britt Longoria about the importance of being a woman alongside being a hunter. They talk about Pakistan and cultures where women are not even seen as hunters. The excitement of advocating for women in this community as well as finding our whys and being respectful of those around us who aren’t hunters. It is a great conversation, enjoy the episode.

The Outdoor Adventures with Jayson Podcast

Brittany Longoria Explains Her Controversial Leopard Photo

Part time vegan, Francis Tapon, a journalist, hit pretty hard with some tough and uncomfortable questions on the ethics and morality of hunting.

Hunter Seizes the Narrative After Receiving Death Threats

I had the honor of being to asked to speak at the Safari Club International’s Press Luncheon at SCI’s 2019 Annual Hunters Convention in Reno, Nevada. Karen Mehall Phillips wrote this article for the NRA Hunters Leadership Forum website regarding my presentation.

Biggest hunting scandals of 2018

2018 saw its fair share of hunters being attacked by the media. Fox News presents some of the hunters that rocked the internet this year.

Take a Stand against the Virtual Lynch Mob

Steve Scott, for the NRA Hunters Leadership Forum writes, “A legal hunt in Africa, a member of one of America’s foremost families of conservation, Brittany Hosmer Longoria, has been going through the grinder of the progressive hate machine for some time now.” He goes on to discuss how it is time to fight back. No holds barred.

Female Hunters Incite Anti-Hunting Community

My interview starts at minute 9.

Hunting bans would condemn a lot of game

I love this article because it’s written by someone who is not a hunter. Yet it is pragmatic and has some very rational talking points that are excellent.

Doutzen Kroes, Kyle Richards, other celebrities slam female hunter for 'disgusting' kill of large leopard

When it all first hit Hollywood… this is very interesting to see the language, hatred, and misinformation that is spread so quickly.

Celebrities call for end to leopard hunting

The start of the frenzy and dog-pile mentality of the internet trolls and Hollywood elite; the vocal and increasingly violent minority intent on dramatically molding the world to their warped vision.

HuntingLife Podcast 95 Interview with Britt

I talk about working with the Friedkin Conservation Fund and their anti-poaching efforts in Tanzania.