Discovering a Different Kind of Upland - Published in Project Upland

Posted Thu Apr 7, 2022

It was only a twenty-five-minute drive in the open-top Land Rover that had been painted with elementary black and white stripes in the hopes of looking like a zebra. I clutched a borrowed E.J. Churchill shotgun with one hand and held white-knuckled onto the side edge of the vehicle's aluminum body.

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Safari Club International's Diana Award Recipient, Britt Longoria

Mon Jan 31, 2022

It is a humbling honor to receive Safari Club International’s Diana Award, sponsored by the NRA Women’s Leadership Forum. It is especially meaningful given this is SCI’s 50th Anniversary! This accomplishment is not something I did alone, and many others deserve to share in this award. Thank you to the past Diana Award recipients for their mentorship, selection, and sisterhood. A group of women that embody the concept of women empowering women.

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The Human Side of Hunting -- Britt Longoria on MAC Outdoors Podcast

8 hours ago

This episode features the remarkable Britt Longoria, a woman unafraid to challenge perceptions and tackle the complexities head-on, from conservation to cultural expressions in hunting.

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