The Tsetse Fly

Posted Sat Mar 13, 2021

Everything has to eat
And humans are a delicious meat
For such a little poke
They really are no joke

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Quiet Moments in Tanzania

Sun Sep 13, 2020

Most of this year has been spent facing the economic, emotional, and physical reprocussions of COVID along with the parallel crises of social upheaval in our communities. The media portrays the heightened polarization of our nation as we watch democracy attacked and depreciated on a nearly daily basis. We are all exhausted. I've gone through my dark shadows this year as well.

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2021 SCI Diana Award Winner Brittany Longoria Honored at Special Ceremony

10 hours ago

It’s hard to say what activities Brittany Longoria’s classmates and friends were into at age 11, but chances are good it was not harvesting their first big-game trophies. Longoria didn't know it back then, but a mother-daughter hunt in Texas that resulted in her taking a Black Hawaiian ram at that young age was only the beginning of a lifetime of worldwide hunting achievements, eventually culminating in being honored with one of the greatest recognitions in hunting and conservation, the Safari Club International Diana Award.

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