Discovering a Different Kind of Upland - Published in Project Upland

Posted Thu Apr 7, 2022

It was only a twenty-five-minute drive in the open-top Land Rover that had been painted with elementary black and white stripes in the hopes of looking like a zebra. I clutched a borrowed E.J. Churchill shotgun with one hand and held white-knuckled onto the side edge of the vehicle's aluminum body.

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Coues Deer in Old Mexico - By Brittany Hosmer Longoria

6 days ago

With the advent of COVID travel restrictions, most adventurous hunters are hunkering down and looking for experiences closer to home. My husband, Ricardo, and I caught an early morning flight out of San Antonio, connected in Phoenix, and then a quick hop into Hermosillo, Mexico. The small plane was peppered with a few guys in technical camouflage, headed down to hunt for desert species like mule deer and bighorn sheep. Otherwise, the flight was sparsely filled with a handful of Mexican nationals.

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NRA Hunters' Leadership Forum | Philanthropist Brittany Longoria Wins NRA-Sponsored Diana Award at 50th Annual SCI Convention

14 hours ago

Longoria epitomizes grace under fire in standing against animal rights extremists.

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